Shipstarter Funded! / New FG Module

SHIPSTARTER successfully funded on Kickstarter within 6 hours thanks very much to return and new backers and is currently sitting at just under 300% over target. With still more than 2 weeks to go it looks like I may be adding more ships, ship layers and features to the campaign. A SUNKEN SHIPWRECK and GRIDS versions have already been added - with the next ship just on the Horizon and every chance of a Kraken. Massive thanks everyone! - the campaign rewards will be delivered in September, while additional ships and/or settings added will be delivered in October. Funds will be used to upgrade my graphics card and RAM and enable me to make bigger maps and maps in general faster. SHARD ROADS


July 15th will mark a milestone for this small RPG business that thanks to the support of customers and Kickstarter backers has stayed afloat and now has a huge range of different tiles, tokens and maps to offer. To celebrate this important date I am sharing a GTW Super Coupon that entitles you or your friends to 50% of any purchase in the store from the 15th-21st July 2018, including all mega-bundles, everything. That code is "GTW4Life". You can use the coupon as often as you like, share it in your groups, with other RPG'ers whatever you like. Massive thanks to my wonderful Wife, my Mum, my brother who has been a constant pledger to my campaigns and vivid encourager throughout my Kickstarte

Shipstarter now on Kickstarter!

Ahoy there mateys! I've turned my attention to creating an experimental range of gigantic detailed digital ship maps for fantasy RPG, compatible with Meanders and each one a high-resolution 300dpi JPEG that measures 18x54". I want to create BIGGER Maps, Huge, but my Current PC simply cannot handle what I ask of it - so I'm running this campaign to try and buy a new more powerful graphics-oriented one that will allow me to reach for new horizons. To do that, I've put together a special Map Pack offer that includes: A Beautiful Pirate Ship on the Blue Ocean with 3 deck levels (currently it has one) A Ghost Ship illuminated by St Elmos Fire with 3 deck levels for your undead to run amok. A Ship

GTW Restored + Updates

Following a lot of hard work and late nights my drives are now in a semblance of useable and I will be continuing work on my various GTW projects. Thank you for your patience and your support - it was a hard lesson to learn but I have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. Thanks to all who volunteered suggestions for recovery, storage, spare drives, condolences and to fantasy grounds college for donating funds to purchase a 4tb back-up drive - I appreciate everyone helping me out and it's made it easier to get back on my feet and keep doing what I do. Thank You! The Meanders 3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem project is wrapping up with hundreds of vectors, feared lost, now added to backers

Temporarily Out of Action

Following a fatal hard drive crash all GTW Meander projects are temporarily suspended inc "M3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem" and "28 Maps Later" , + "Geas" and "Squareware". The data was recovered, however when you recover data the filenames and folders are erased. I now have the uninviting task of opening, identifying, renaming and organizing 4.2k XCF files, and just under 50k other files. This could take me a very long time. I hope that I can rescue two new images among those 4.2k that I need in order to launch a side-project I was working on simultaneously, and continue funding my ability to keep doing digital artwork. Currently I am out of work and the ability to work until I restore my drive

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