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GTW Restored + Updates

Following a lot of hard work and late nights my drives are now in a semblance of useable and I will be continuing work on my various GTW projects. Thank you for your patience and your support - it was a hard lesson to learn but I have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. Thanks to all who volunteered suggestions for recovery, storage, spare drives, condolences and to fantasy grounds college for donating funds to purchase a 4tb back-up drive - I appreciate everyone helping me out and it's made it easier to get back on my feet and keep doing what I do. Thank You!

The Meanders 3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem project is wrapping up with hundreds of vectors, feared lost, now added to backers rewards and just 16 maps and the dungeon sandbox to go.

A new Fantasy Grounds Map Pack, sequel to and compatible with, Venmire Woods - is coming soon. Shard Roads features 29 Ice-Themed maps, inc some flipped versions and a Blizzard, some maps exclusive to the pack, a map panel, 2 random roll tables and has been tweaked for even greater DM functionality.

SQUAREWARE: The status of Squareware is currently unknown as these files have not yet been found or restored with priority being on my Meanders project- however an update for it will follow as soon as they are. I am slowly working my way through the remaining 80k files with fingers crossed.

MEANDERS 3: ZOMBIES/POST APOCALYTPIC: Same deal - I am unsure of the status of this project's maps and am conducting a review.

TEMPLE OF D20: This is a unique and new innovative project I am working on when I have time and in collaboration - there's nothing like it on the market and I am very excited to be bringing it to the table of D&D. More news as it develops.

MEANDERS: Meanders campaigns will be scaled back to around 28 maps per set for a while and with a lower buy-in. This is to enable me to cover a broad range of exciting new map themes from the very large to the exotic to all those other campaign maps I wish to try my hand at. This includes Steampunk, Military, Modern, Urban, Superhero a bunch more besides. I've been talking about them for a while now - it's time to make it happen and add them to the Meanderverse!

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