GTW/Smiteworks Kickstarter

Hello :) So lots of new developments for me and GTW. first let me just drop some juicy new art from the Shipstarter coming to the store in Oct-Nov. These gigantic ships will be available as full-size downloads or packed into an FG module optimized for VTT. Secondly, my newest FG Meanders module is out on Fantasy Grounds, Steam and here on GTW: Sammerket Sands: And finally and definitely most exciting of all is that GTW has brokered permission with Doug Davison of Smiteworks to Kickstart an official series of special 5e-based One-Shot Modules, 3 of which I have written, made maps for, and playtested live with 5-6 players each - in sessions lasting approx 7 hours - in the Fantasy Grounds Coll

Shipstarter Progress / New FG Module

Well - guys - I was only supposed to create ONE 4-Deck Pirate Galleon and actually ended up creating two full different Pirate Galleon ships with 4 layers each for Shipstarter. This is what happens when you give me money and get me mapping. Clearly I can't help myself. At any rate - they are complete, and I am moving onto the Ghost Ship - then I will add grids and make them available to backers while I start work on the rest of the designs. The best part - you can now build your own ship by deciding which decks to use. And - I am excited to announce that the next module coded for Fantasy Grounds - Sammerket Sands is just days away from being submitted to Smiteworks. This pack features 30 of

ADlib&D Twitch Stream

ADlib&D - A place where viewer engagement and roleplaying amateurs collide! ADlib&D is a weekly livestream D&D 5e game by a group of amateur roleplaying enthusiasts with a twist. The viewing public can vote on a large group of random concepts before the episode takes place. Once tallied, the DM will select 5 of the 10 most popular random concepts and tailor that episode of the game against the chosen random concepts. Anything can happen, no episode will be the same! Watch us live on Friday Nights from 8:30pm AEST on Twitch, or go through our archived games in via Youtube or podcast. [Thank you DM Atua for using Meanders Maps - Kris from GTW]

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