Funded and continued on Kickstarter for the past five years: MEANDERS are high-quality high-detail digital maps that act as huge interchangeable dungeon tiles.


The world Meander is an old english word meaning 'winding course' and describes what the maps allow you to by way of creating endless joinable pathways that lead from one map into the next for players to explore.

These unique JPEG Maps are specially designed to fit with each other and join paths top-bottom, left-right or flipped vertically to create huge instant seamless terrains. The special repeating exit/entrance ensures the smaller paths and larger roads always line up giving terrain extraordinary continuity. This lets you blend sci-fi with fantasy or any other map from the entire series.  Choose standard Meanders or special Meanders called BLENDERS to merge two terrains together and EDGERS to place a stylish entrance/exit on your terrain. Browse individual maps marked with a key description on the red ribbon - hold your mouse over the map to zoom. Or buy in bulk with Bundle Packs and save.


Every Individual massive 27x18" MEANDER is named, numbered & supplied in 5 types for the most common gaming needs. Whether you need them gridded/ungridded, to print them or use them for Virtual Table Top MEANDERS has you covered. Use them on their own - OR - fit them together to make custom terrain on an unprecedented scale.


With over 1500 already available and a total of 3000 maps planned by 2022 to form my 'Meanderverse' - MEANDERS aims to be the most comprehensive interchangeable terrain system in the world.


Some of the existing themed terrains include a huge range of Available types include Fantasy City (All Four Seasons, Nocturnal) Dwarven, Underdark, Forest, Snow, Ice, Jungle, Desert, Cave, River, Road, Village, Cemetery, Medieval City, Castle, Cthulhu, Victorian Mansion, College of Magic, Wizard Tower, Ruined Tower, Spider Forest, Dead Forest, Farm, Dungeon, Crypt, Tavern, Dragon, Ocean, Wild West, Swamp, Treetop, Mountain, Arcane Library, Mausoleum, Necromancers Lair, Plague Village, Flooded Village, Witches House & Woods, Deep Roads, Temples, Mines, Gemstone Cavern, Alien Mothership, Planet, Moonbase, Galactic Cruiser, Tundra, Savannah, Zombie, Modern City, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern: Tsunami, and Lovecraft 'Dunwich'.

     You can get any single MEANDER design in the 5 variants for just $1 or purchase the new MEANDER MAP PACK BUNDLE CODES to get all of the MEANDERS from the respective Kickstarter Campaign in one go and enjoy a large discount. They are also now organized into formats suitable for Fantasy Grounds Classic Modules and Roll 20 Map packs selling from Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Steam, D20Pro, DrivethruRPG and here at Game Tile Warehouse.

Upon Payment you will get a link to download your purchase and a receipt. A copy of the receipt and a copy of the link will also sent to your assigned email. Please check your spam folder if you cannot see 2 emails from GTW. [Please contact me if you encounter any issues. - I am extremely responsive and will do my absolute best to resolve the issue quickly]  You can also contact me if you're looking for something particular, as no-one knows this vast hoard of maps as well as I do and I'll be happy to make suggestions

All of my projects were made possible by the generosity of my Kickstarter Backers, GTW Customers and the support of my family and friends. I work closely with my backers, users, customers and the RPG community to offer free goodies, inexpensive RPG tools and tokens, support, development and instruction and toward making life easier for DM's and more exciting for players.

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                 IN DEVELOPMENT:

 Meanders: Dwarven Citadels

In addition - if you want to use Meanders Maps in your live streams and online/offline games, inc venues, there is no licensing required. A mention of GTW is appreciated :) Logos have been provided below for representation.