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Hello Everyone - some quick updates on the goings on of GTW. Shipstarter has almost been completely fulfilled with just 2 ships and 9 helm graphics left to go. This experimental campaign really pushed my limits and boundaries outward requiring me to learn a lot of new styles and skills to create. Considering I knew next to nothing about ships when I began it's really satisfying to have now created over 20 new Maps, inc. Giant Kraken, Pirate Cove, Underwater and Ghost and other environmentally difficult depictions including 2 decks of a Steampunk Ship. Massive thanks to all my backers for that project which I think has really helped my abilities as an artist evolve and it is a very exciting a

MEANDERS 4: Coming Soon...

While I polish the sample modules I have been creating to show Smiteworks LLC Fantasy Grounds in preparation for a huge 5e module campaign late this year I am preparing to launch a new series of Meanders. Meanders 4. begins with a new wave of exciting expansions to existing core terrain types to keep it fresh, blow up your options even more, and keep your players on their toes, New representations of Jungle, Forest, Desert and Snow are coming with some of my best work yet. Over 75 new maps featuring a huge array of Cave Entrances and Caves, Mountains, Roads, Low-land, Fields, Castles, Ravines, Alpine and Mountain Roads - Even Hobbit Hills. As subscribers to GTW here is the first sneak peek:

Shipstarter Update

Hi Everyone :) Big thanks to all my new and old customers who have supported and are supporting my work - it makes it so much easier to focus on bringing out new stuff - and there is a LOT of it coming... thank you! Shipstarter has passed the Halfway Mark so I thought I would share some of the new ships I have designed. These will hopefully be released as standard meander maps and put into a Fantasy Grounds compatible pack in Nov-Dec along with many others inc heavy rain, burning, sinking, shark and more. Kind Regards, Kris

Geas: Broken Gods - Coming Soon

Hey Guys - its been a while, as I've been extremely busy - but I'm very close now to finally releasing some modules that introduce and explore the world of Geas. 2 modules have been mostly completed and coded into Fantasy Grounds and I am working on a third to show Smiteworks prior to launching a kickstarter to seek funding to finish 5 of them that can be chained into a massive campaign. I've been designing all new maps, modifying and creating new tokens, and writing quests, making random automated roll tables, describing the locations and peoples of geas and much more. I hope to have the Kickstarter together by the end of October. For those who don't know - Fantasy Grounds is a VTT program

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