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July 15th will mark a milestone for this small RPG business that thanks to the support of customers and Kickstarter backers has stayed afloat and now has a huge range of different tiles, tokens and maps to offer. To celebrate this important date I am sharing a GTW Super Coupon that entitles you or your friends to 50% of any purchase in the store from the 15th-21st July 2018, including all mega-bundles, everything. That code is "GTW4Life". You can use the coupon as often as you like, share it in your groups, with other RPG'ers whatever you like.

Massive thanks to my wonderful Wife, my Mum, my brother who has been a constant pledger to my campaigns and vivid encourager throughout my Kickstarter career, my Friends, GTW Customers, All of my hundreds of Backers over the years including my small army of loyal pledgers, Supporters, Advisors and Well-Wishers for your guidance, patience, financial support with my little dream and your appreciation for my works. I've created tens of thousands of tiles now, over 550 maps (at least 100 more meanders are coming to the Store in August) have explored new types of products and am only just getting started. I hope to be here in another 3 years with a range of super cool products realized for the RPG community. I am already working on a new secret innovative project for D&D.

Speaking of which - 'Shipstarter' has funded in just under 6 hours bringing a new range of gigantic digital ship maps to the Meander series and to RPG at large. A Massive thank you to all my Backers whose funding will go toward a new PC so that I can make even bigger, better maps, faster! There'll almost certainly be a Shipstarter 2.

Kind Regards,


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