Squareware Relaunch: Live

Hello Folks - I'm back on Kickstarter, this time seeking funding to extend work on an electronic version of a very special dice kit I have developed within VTT Software and having secured a licensed deal with Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds LLC whom rarely grant permission for Kickstarters I'm excited about this wonderful opportunity to try and push their software and my imagination to the limits. The project is based on a dicekit I built that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mats and Dice to give you millions of instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - helps the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue; minimizing the need for manuals; freeing up sp

Idlewilds / Shipstarter *Out Now*

The fifth installment in the Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack series offers a huge varied expansion 30 Map set to the existing four sets as well as all-new terrain and convenient tactical and story-based features carefully selected to maximise utility with existing combinations, enhance and deepen your visual continuity and offer a huge range of new tactical scenarios and encounters This pack is an official Fantasy Grounds module release and contains 30 Mixed-Themed maps sized specially for FG at 1350x900 and under 500 kb each to help prevent slow-down during play. [Fantasy Grounds runs best on maps that are 2000x2000 pixels or less and under 1mb]. The maps are sized to perfectly fit a 50 o

The Idlewilds - Coming Soon

The Fifth Installment in the Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack offers a huge varied expansion 30 Map set to the existing four sets as well as all-new terrain and convenient tactical and story-based features. From opening up the Sea with an Ocean Map and allowing DM's to edge five core terrain types with Ocean, players are now less land-locked. Shipwreck them on a Reef, float them in the High Wave Swell and join to (or depart from) a wide variety of new terrain types including Arctic Tundra, Marsh, Savannah, Alpine Mountains and Grassplains. Have them delve into all-new Jungle Ruins or inspect an Archaeological Dig Site, Visit a Hobbit Hillside or Journey to a Valley of Giant Crystals. Emphas

Free GTW Dungeon Map Pack

It's been a very big year for Gametilewarehouse and me. Lots of new maps and exciting projects launched and funded - lots of new skills learned and friends made. To say thanks to everyone who has supported me - backed me - helped me - recently or along the way - I've found time to build this FREE 36 tile map pack for your Personal Use [Or in Streams] featuring interchangeable dungeon rooms that you can download from my Googledrive for my Fantasy Grounds College friends and buddies dungeoneers in my, Geas-Group, my Meander-Fans, Heroquest gamers, my Backers, my Customers and anyone else who comes across it. You can download it here or from the front of my store. Choose from straight 1350x1350

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