M3: MMandM now Live

Magic, Murder & Mayhem is now live: Click here or the image for the link :) Thank you for your support!

Magic, Murder & Mayhem / Squareware Updates

G'day Everyone :) The next wave of Meanders 3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem is just around the corner and due to launch on June 1st. I've been extremely busy and am still extremely busy designing 1000 new vectors and have completed more than 50 new maps so far in preparation for this gigantic campaign. Take a look for yourselves at my drawing boards to get a sense of some of what's coming... A HUGE Dungeonscape 'Sandbox' that will allow you to build custom tunnels and rooms around any of your existing meanders to gain total control over layout. Hundreds and hundreds of furnishings in varied woods to indicate social status of the decor. Add ratty old pine stools to your tavern, and antique ornate m

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