M3: "28 Maps Later"

With the Fantasy Maps from 'Magic, Murder & Mayhem' almost 80% complete - it's time to turn my attention to exploring some new genres within the Meanderverse. On July 28th I'll be launching my POST-APOCALYPTIC / ZOMBIE Meanders campaign on Kickstarter.

100+ New Meanders in July

Design progress is at approximately 65% for the MM and M campaign with the College of Magic, Arcane Library, Necromancers Lair and Victorian Mansion left to go. Check out some art samples of the upcoming maps... and thank you - this should be another early delivery, with the first batch of maps to go out in a day or two.

Meanders 3: MMandM Successful

THANK YOU everyone for keeping Meanders going and for supporting me and my work, its means the world and I am very excited to be adding 92 new maps to the range. An Active College of Magic (A1) - UNLOCKED - Tier 1 An Ornate [Victorian] Mansion (A2 - UNLOCKED) Wizards Tower (B1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1 Abandoned Heavily Damaged Turret (B2 - UNLOCKED) The Dead Forest (C1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1 Spider-Infested Deep Forest Hellhole (C2 - UNLOCKED) Standard Plague Village/Camp (D1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1 Flooded Village with muddy brown water (D2 - UNLOCKED) White Marbled Hallways of the Royal Library (E1 - UNLOCKED) The Smoking Ashes of the Burned Bibliotheca (E2 - UNLOCKED) There may have been some ambi

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