Horror Haunts Meanders Map Pack

Just in time for Halloween - this new expansion map pack with 25 meanders gives you a highly detailed mansion of assorted horrors, bring your adventurers out of the thunderstorm and torrential downpour only to torment them with a huge range of unusual horror elements - build your own mansion sectors - or load the ruined (so-called abandoned) tower with ghosts, traps and other creepy, spooky elements to introduce some grimmer, darker scares to your RPG. It includes: 8 fully-furnished Horror Mansion maps 9 cobwebbed, rotting Tower ruins (compatible with the tower in Arcane Augurum) 8 unfurnished blank Mansion templates. Maps are sized specially for FG at 1350x900 and under 500 kb each to help

Zombies, Squares and Gambling

Hello Everyone - Soloman Temple Squares II funded (Thank you!) and is set to be available from GTW in January 2020 offering a staggering 288 different 144 tile sets for Fantasy Grounds Classic and Unity, Roll20 and print quality. In the end the modular set is now 41, 472 tiles in size, each measuring 8x8 units. Here are 240 of those sets shown. My Modern, Zombie and Post-Apocalyptic Meanders are rapidly nearing completion and it is hoped to have them done and into Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 Map Packs and Individually by January 2020. Shown below are five finished interior maps for the modern set, approximating 21 separate shops and locations. Also recently developed and soon to be available fro


Not expecting this venture of mine to last as long as it has - it has come to my attention that the original gametilewarehouse.com domain name has lapsed and cannot unfortunately be renewed as I no longer have access to the mailbox through which it was registered. Therefore, I have registered the name of the site as the title above. I should take effect in 48 hours time - and you should adjust and re-bookmark the new site address accordingly for continued quick access. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes you - I know it personally causes me a great deal of it. But that is the world we live in - and working so blisteringly hard it is easy to completely forget about these m

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