Mapslap for Fantasy Grounds

Game Tile Warehouse is proud to present: MAPSLAP! MAPSLAP is an innovative toolset that compliments the existing drawing tools in FG and allows you to slap together detailed WORLD - AND - CITY maps literally in a few minutes. Not only can you build both types of map with a dedicated drag and drop token set - you can label world and city features with a generous label set or even Custom Design your own wording using the Alphabet Tokens and Blank Labels (Or Zoom in and try your hand with the FG Drawing Pencil). Craft quick maps as you need them - Build, Name and Play* on your Creations. View a 8 minute real-time demonstration here and watch me make a World and CIty map in just a few minutes :

Soloman T. Squares / LIVE & FUNDED

Hi Everyone - please excuse another post so soon after the previous I just felt customers and supporters might like to know that Soloman Temple Squares was launched just over an hour ago and has already funded - making this the largest unofficial dungeon tile set in the world. There are also benefits to pledging in the first 72 hours that you might want to get and not miss out on so I am sending this news to you. I am very excited to develop this new line of products to eventually bring to the GTW Store, FG and Roll20. Thanks for your support!

Soloman Temple Squares II

Hello Everyone - I have been very busy re-developing a former project and a new, exciting and traditionally ambitious project is coming soon to Kickstarter... For more details - You can take a look at the campaign preview >HERE< Specially formatted for Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 users. Kind Regards, Kris

Major Site Overhaul Complete

Hi Everyone :) The GTW Site Overhaul planned for late September has just been completed over the last few hours instead - though if I have been quick enough, you may not have even noticed. I have made some Major changes to the Game Tile Warehouse store in this overhaul - but nothing that will drive you mad wondering where anything you are used to, is. They include: The Upload of 30 Roll20 Compatible Meanders Map Packs with their own Menu Button and Store Page. Specially sized to suit Roll20 (With whom GTW is now partnered - woohoo!) The addition of Fantasy Grounds Token pack 6 with its own Menu Button and Store Page. INCLUDING a drop down where the 'Using GTW Products in FG' page can be mor

The Future of Terrorformer

Hi :) We gave it a decent go - and let it run its course, but unfortunately despite your greatly appreciated support and attempts to rally the troops everyone - we haven't made it to the finish line this time. What does this mean? It means Terrorformer and Squareware for Pathfinder are likely not to eventuate any time soon as there is simply a lack of interest to make it viable. However, I will continue where I can and when I can to develop a release of Terrorformer for 5eDnD and release it into the Fantasy Grounds store in the not-too-distant future. It is unlikely that I will attempt to fund Fantasy Grounds-based projects here on Kickstarter as several have now failed to meet even the base

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