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Shipstarter now on Kickstarter!

Ahoy there mateys! I've turned my attention to creating an experimental range of gigantic detailed digital ship maps for fantasy RPG, compatible with Meanders and each one a high-resolution 300dpi JPEG that measures 18x54". I want to create BIGGER Maps, Huge, but my Current PC simply cannot handle what I ask of it - so I'm running this campaign to try and buy a new more powerful graphics-oriented one that will allow me to reach for new horizons. To do that, I've put together a special Map Pack offer that includes:

  • A Beautiful Pirate Ship on the Blue Ocean with 3 deck levels (currently it has one)

  • A Ghost Ship illuminated by St Elmos Fire with 3 deck levels for your undead to run amok.

  • A Shipwrecked Version smashed on the Rocks with spilled cargo and floating debris

  • A Feeding Frenzy of Sharks Version for instilling fear when your pirates make the adventurers walk the plank!

  • A Docked At Port Version with extended gangplank and consignments of cargo on the ship and waiting on the wharf.

  • A giant Treasure Island - a special Ocean Meander Map Pack for the first 25 Backers Or Any Return Backer - Plus MUCH MORE

Come check out Shipstarter on Kickstarter :)

Kind Regards

Kris McDermott

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