Dwarven Citadels KS: Update

Hi Everyone :) The campaign preview for the Dwarven Citadels campaign is now completed and will launch on Oct 18th AEST as a 14 day campaign. I look forward to seeing you there and leave you with this special promotion for Backers who pledge in the first 48 hours. Kind Regards, Kris M5 DWARVEN CITADELS KICKSTARTER PREVIEW

Dwarven Citadels KS Preview

Dwarven Citadels, Forges, Homes, Furnishings, Mining Equipment, Vehicles, Vaults, Prison, Throne, Elevators, Treasury and much more. Coming very soon to Kickstarter. View the campaign preview here: Aim: To release FOUR enormous Dwarven Citadels, each with their own style, colour and purpose. KHASZ - the most technological and active of the four built in a mysterious green stone. ZHEMOLO the failed ruins of the Citadel that dared stand against the might of Khasz and paid the ultimate price, brown and tan in colour it is the source of archaeological digs and mining excavations seeking to extract the ric

Geas: Demo Video

Alright - at long last :) I am happy to present my video of the Geas: Broken Gods dungeon crawler that I have been working on/off as a side project for the last year inside Tabletop Simulator. Feel free to join the Geas: Broken Gods facebook group for more information and updates. Kind Regards, Kris

Meander5: October Update

Thank you to those who supported the Meanders Lovecraft Campaign bringing the total of Meanders Maps to 1650 and ensuring future sets for other Lovecraftian settings. The maps in question are currently being processed and uploaded in preparation for sending out to backers. (Approx 25% done). The next installment has already been decided and is in development and will advance and expand the existing range of my dwarvish-style Meanders with DWARVEN CITADELS. A preview link will be made available when the campaign is nearer to completion but will be accompanied in 2021 by ELVISH and ORCISH campaigns. And I leave you with a hint for my final map set planned for this year.

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