Temple of D20 Kickstarter

First impressions absolutely count. When you first come face to face with a complex game like D&D it can be daunting and turn many potential players away. The Temple of D20 is a device that aims to allow players to get into the action immediately. This specialized unofficial module I have developed combines the two most common methods of learning: visual cues and spoken narrative in the form of special maps - and a tour - to present a dynamic practical demonstration that allows even completely new players to immediately jump right into D&D and take part in the action. I've launched a Kickstarter to try and raise funds to further develop the concept. Meanwhile Squareware has been finalized a

Squareware: It's Alive...

This - was a very welcome sight. What you're looking at is Smiteworks official Conversion Checker which checks for errors and mislinks. There were just 6 this morning, out of 275,000 lines of code - but to find these last ones among the labyrinth that is Squarewares underwiring I needed the help of Zacchaeus from FGC to get over the line. Here is what all those lines of code represent via almost 90 individual features: Here is the PDF of the Operation Manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QTsJs69weNnLjeBHxYcwjk3K3Wo-t229 Enjoy all that while I get some rest and then make a video. In the meantime the module will be submitted to James at Smiteworks and we shall have to play the waiting ga

Squareware: Almost There

Here is the newest interface design for the Fantasy Grounds version of my most recent project - 'Squareware' What is Squareware? Squareware is a random generator on sterioids with a facelift. It's important to point out that Squareware is a supplement and quick-save for DM's with an already considerable imagination and deft talent for telling a story - it provides convenient detail for content that helps to keep the pace of the story going, and provide filler for mostly non-essential, non-volitional parts of the RPG journey. What can become or be made essential from that generated content is up to the DM - but Squareware exists to quickly fill the gaps between the content of the story: to al

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