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Modern City Update / Next KS

Mad thanks to everyone that jumped into the recent Meanders 5 Modern City: Expansion II map set. 'Tis a thing of beauty we have made.

That got even better...

And with just 16 maps to go, is almost wrapped up as another successful Kickstarter.

I'd like to announce a few things: Firstly, I finally categorized all of the maps and will make it easy to get every one of the five file types (L, L#, R20, M, S) in your map set with these new Digital Download Bundles.

Secondly, map commissions are now open - check here for more details.

Thirdly, here is a sneak peek at an upcoming project I am working on...

And finally, Meanders Gothic City Part 2 is up next on the Kickstarter schedule.

Kind Regards,



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