Squareware Will Try to Relaunch

Thank you all very much for your contributions toward this campaign and joining me on the ride, even when it seemed certain there was no chance -many of you kept your nerve and your pledge and that meant the world to me. Unfortunately the campaign did not fund as you are aware so for now the idea remains an idea only. I certainly enjoyed the enthusiasm many of you came to the party with - for that it made it all the more enjoyable even when we had to leave. I apologise that my own efforts were not able to overcome the inertia of the campaign this time to reach the necessary numbers - but also wish to thank all of you that reached out on my behalf to give it a better chance. As it stands we

GTW Releases Module for Fantasy Grounds

I'm very proud to now have an official module for Fantasy Grounds VTT up on the Smiteworks site :) 'Venmire Woods' uses 22 of the small size Meanders maps to allow users to enjoy unlimited quality forest map settings without overloading the FG program. The module includes a Random Map Roll Table and Visual Map Finder display so users can roll up random maps and quickly find the exact map they are looking for. The maps include a Tavern interior and exterior for departure/arrival settings, forest blenders that lead into Snow/Ice and Desert, and an assortment of roads, bridges, 2 castles, 2 temples, a village, treetop map and more. $9.95, less than 50c a map and built-in convenience for Fantasy

Meanders 3: The Next Wave

Hello :) I'm excited to share the latest innovations for the Meanders Range coming to the JUNE 1st Kickstarter, Magic, Murder & Mayhem. I'm currently working away on hundreds of new Fantasy furnishing assets to use in your Meanders, Dungeon Roomz or any other GTW Map Template. Even more exciting is the All-New 'Mega-Dungeon Sandpit Box' that allows you to build your own custom layouts around your Meanders Maps using pre-fab templates and rooms / also compatible with Dungeon Roomz. (A Fantasy Grounds Compatible Set will be Offered as well). Not only that, but you could win the Motherload. LIKE my Website AND Subscribe to the GTW Newsletter and I'll put you in the draw to win a Major Prize th

Talking Squareware on Nerdarchy

Hi everyone - here is a facebook link to the interview with Nerdachy where I physically demo and discuss Squareware: https://www.facebook.com/Nerdarchy/videos/1077145582424099/ Thanks very much to Dave Friant (great to meet you man) and to Aaron Marx for setting up the meet! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/squareware-rpg-dice-tools-for-sparking-the-creativ

Mega-Meander Maps Added

Check out the release of these monster-sized maps for Fantasy and Sci-fi RPG - compatible with meanders and four times the size.

GTW Flag Banners / Condition Tokens

Now available from the store. 45 High-Resolution 300dpi Detailed Faction Banners [PDFs] Plain Digital, Cloth-Textured, Damaged/Tattered and Assorted Variants Vibrant Colours and Dynamic Compatible Designs. 5 Different Factions. Includes Extras with assorted banner tails for personal customization. Original Artwork. AND... This Digital Token set is compatible with the DnD 5th Edition RPG system & designed to allow players to easily, and quickly, track their character's status effects. The contrasting green and yellow banners with striking silhouettes enables identification at a (distant) glance and a corresponding description of the condition is also included on the reverse. Included are the

Videos added to GTW

Check out the new VLOG/TUTORIALS section on the GTW website to get the most out of your GTW Products. And be sure to keep an eye out for my new live streams where I'll be working on maps in real time and showing others how to use GIMP: https://www.twitch.tv/krisfromgtw Kind Regards, Kris

*New* Meanders: Digital Skins

Introducing the SS: Elkan - and the latest innovation from Game Tile Warehouse: "Meanders: Digital Skins". Slot up to 20 Small Size Meanders into the pre-sized compartments on this enormous Sci-fi Galactic Super-Cruiser to customize your own ship layouts. Displayed on a massive 50x21" template with a starry galaxy below [with grid and no grid - this space-based behemoth is the perfect accompaniment to your Sci-fi Meanders maps to enhance your favourite sci-fi game including starfinder, starwars, and many others. Coming soon to the GTW Store.

Map Class / Nerdarchy

Hello - I am running an impromptu lesson on how to use GIMP and create maps this Saturday 7th April 9am AEST (Friday 7pm USA) if anyone is interested in learning how I make my meanders :) I will use Discord to manage audio: and this is my channel: https://discord.gg/79DXy4E and Twitch to live stream video: https://www.twitch.tv/krisfromgtw I have not done this before but I hope to teach the basics of using GIMP, layers, tools, tips, techniques and so on to put together maps, please feel free to join in :) ---------------------------- I have also been invited to have a chat live on Nerdarchy on April 19th and will be talking live with with David about Maps, Meanders and Squareware. [Thank you

M3 Next Wave Designs Revealed

The Meander Designs for M3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem have now been finalized: Weighing in at over 200 New Maps this next wave promises to be another monster... here is the line-up featuring more versatility than ever before with blank, day, night, ruined versions of key sets. Two-story 8 map College of Magic (furn and unfurn = 16 maps) Two-story 8 map mansion by day (furn and unfurn = 16 maps) Two-story 8 map haunted house of horror by night (furn and unfurn = 16 maps) Castle Expansions - 4 maps inc 1 x undeground prison/torture cells Castle Expansions - NIGHTTIME versions of existing castle meanders + the 4 new ones - 6 maps City Slums (Expansions for the Medieval Town) - 4 maps Elemental Pla

New Vector Packs Added

The Huge Digital Dungeon Roomz and Digital Dungeon Bytz Bundle Code Packs have now been added to the GTW Site.

GTW Site Overhaul

The GTW site has been given some love and attention to tighten things up, refresh content to reflect recent changes and had the site search and shop functions improved with separate genre pages making it easier to find what you're looking for. Plus - every page now has a fresh new backdrop using Meanders art.

Bundle Packs Added [& News]

My Modern Day & Night Urban Rooftop Set, Deluxe Fantasy City Day & Night Set, and Digital Terrain Tile Kickstarters have now been bundled into packs and are now available from the GTW Store. Meanwhile Squareware has launched on Kickstarter: unfortunately with a lukewarm response ;) Regrettably though it looks doubtful I will be able to make sets for those who did pledge as the current campaign has fallen well short of the asking funding. Still with 27 days to go, there is time - but it may be a case of not having enough of a social media following, other competing dice projects or simply not a strong enough idea to succeed in a sea of ideas. You can't win them all. Also - having used my prev

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