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Meanders Map Packs for Fantasy Grounds Classic

MEANDERS Maps are compatible with the new FGU (Unity System) - they do not however have Line of Sight (LOS) or Occluders (Blocks to enable LOS to work) built-in or included.  Users desiring these features will have to add them.

  • Available from Game Tile Warehouse, the Fantasy Grounds Store and Steam.

  • Compatible with each other in millions of possible combinations.

  • Sci-fi and Fantasy - with dozens of sub-genres in between for all your terrain needs.

  • Built on a 1" = 5ft scale or 50px per square - perfect for adding grids to in Fantasy Grounds without resizing.

  • Maps under 500kb each to maximise your resource limit and prevent lag whilst still retaining crisp and beautiful detail.

  • 900+ maps to combine in endless combinations.

  • Officially licensed and very affordable.

  • Packs include DM tables with a Visual Map Selector Panel so you can choose maps by sight, Random Tables for map choices with intuitive organization and labelling  to make using Meanders in FG a breeze.

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