General GTW Update

Hello Everyone. I am now almost 60% of the way through the Fantasy City Kickstarter with the last of the four seasons, Summer, due to go out in the next week. I expect to fulfil this campaign well ahead of time, possibly by months. Some of these maps have been packaged into Fantasy Grounds modules already with others to follow in June. After the campaign is completed you will see all 280+ Individual Meanders begin to appear on the GTW Store. Some changes to the Store include 3 new pages all under the Shop Drop-Down menu. 1. Installation Instructions for installing FG Meander Map Packs within FG. 2. The Difference between buying from Steam/FG vs GTW. 3. A note on the intended expansion of GT

Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter

Hello Everyone :) Exciting news if you haven't heard already - Fantasy Grounds, an online VTT program company, has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for an evolved upcoming version of their virtual tabletop software, completely rebuilt from the ground up in Unity with lots of exciting new features. I have been actively contributing to the maps and tokens available from FG for almost a year, enjoy running games and classes using it, have pledged toward it and am very excited to see the new version. Check out the campaign and show your support, here: Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter

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