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Temporarily Out of Action

Following a fatal hard drive crash all GTW Meander projects are temporarily suspended inc "M3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem" and "28 Maps Later" , + "Geas" and "Squareware". The data was recovered, however when you recover data the filenames and folders are erased. I now have the uninviting task of opening, identifying, renaming and organizing 4.2k XCF files, and just under 50k other files. This could take me a very long time.

I hope that I can rescue two new images among those 4.2k that I need in order to launch a side-project I was working on simultaneously, and continue funding my ability to keep doing digital artwork. Currently I am out of work and the ability to work until I restore my drives and of my textures,vectors,map templates, tools and so on.

I will do the best I can to get back on my feet as quickly as I can, thank you for your patience. This crash does not affect the store - just my ability to work.

I've attached an image of what my next few weeks look like. As you can see there are endless files like this with no name and no identifying factors, even the dates are gone. But at least I have the data. I'll be back.

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