GEAS: An interactive playtest

Following a tip-off from an archaeological Imperial scholar who scurried off with his yellow coin to get a drink - you and your companion headed off in the other direction into Witchfinger Woods seeking the abandoned archaeological dig site he mentioned. You locate the ruined stone wall as promised and make your way inside. 1:AT THE DOOR Carefully picking your way past the loose brick masonry which crumbles as you enter you emerge into a mossy stone room, the remains of an ancient throne centrered in the floor, flanked by floor to ceiling pillars and leering statues. 2. INSIDE THE TEMPLE According to the scholar, though the team of archaeologists were able to move one of the statues to

Add2Cart Feature on GTW

Hello and thank you for your support. It's been a long time coming but Wix has just announced an Add to Cart function which will make checkout much easier for all my customers. Now like most other sites you can just click a button to add a map or product to your cart and insofar as I understand customers can also now edit the number of items in their cart - so it will be harder to make a mistake while shopping and easier to fix it if you do. All of my Kickstarter projects including new Meander Maps are on hold currently while I finish the 10,000 token asset set (Due September) - however when taking a break from those I continue to work on my Geas: Broken Gods, epic scale dungeon crawler, thi

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