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Idlewilds / Shipstarter *Out Now*

The fifth installment in the Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack series offers a huge varied expansion 30 Map set to the existing four sets as well as all-new terrain and convenient tactical and story-based features carefully selected to maximise utility with existing combinations, enhance and deepen your visual continuity and offer a huge range of new tactical scenarios and encounters

This pack is an official Fantasy Grounds module release and contains 30 Mixed-Themed maps sized specially for FG at 1350x900 and under 500 kb each to help prevent slow-down during play. [Fantasy Grounds runs best on maps that are 2000x2000 pixels or less and under 1mb]. The maps are sized to perfectly fit a 50 or 60px grid that you can manually place over the top of the map using Fantasy Grounds - see 'Hot Tips' in the Story Section of this module once you have unzipped and added the module to FG for help on doing that.

From opening up the Sea with an Ocean Map and allowing DM's to edge five core terrain types to the sea, players are now less land-locked. Shipwreck them on a Reef, float them in the High Wave Swell and join to (or depart from) a wide variety of new terrain types including Arctic Tundra, Marsh, Savannah, Alpine Mountains and Grassplains. Have them delve into all-new Jungle Ruins or inspect an Archaeological Dig Site, Visit a Hobbit Hillside or Journey to a Valley of Giant Crystals. Emphasis has been placed on providing interesting entrances/exits into and out of maps and the ability to transition deeper with a selection of Temple, Cave and Castle Exteriors -and - maps to suit the interiors such as a Crypt, Mine or Castle Courtyard. Let the roads and rivers of previous sets combine with these new meanders to lead your adventurers to exciting new destinations pre-sized and displayed for optimal selection with the now standard addition of Random Map Roll Tables and 21 Adventure Seeds. In addition it features a VISUAL MAP SELECTION PANEL for quick-selecting, a RANDOM MAP ROLL TABLE and a random table with 21 JUNGLE-THEMED ADVENTURE SEEDS with a new Map Suggestions feature to get you started.

This special Ultimate Shipstarter Map Pack Module for Fantasy Grounds opens up your RPG to adventures on the high sea, deep sea and even the sky with 28 beautifully detailed ship-based maps for multiple genres inc. Fantasy, Steampunk and Modern - including a Treasure Island and Pirate Cove.

The sixth installment in the Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack series adds an extensive collection of Decks for both a Green-Lit Ghost Ship and a Classical Pirate Galleon allowing your players to explore the entire ship from top to bottom. Alternate versions of the Galleon offer Burning, Shark-Infested, Underwater Wreck and Sinking maps for progressing the action in a variety of ways - with two ships boarding one another allow for Bloody Skirmishes, and a Giant Kraken Assault completes the collection.

An Airship, Steampunkship, Tramp Freighter, Skeletal Warship and Viking Longboat allow greater variation in your gameplay while a huge Pirate Cove and Treasure Island set of maps further expand your options for story-telling and allow you to deepen the adventure and move the story from sea to land as needed. Finally an Ocean Map with Waves and one with a Reefallow for Marooning, Shipwreck and transitional adventure after leaving the boat and before reaching dry land. It also features a VISUAL MAP SELECTION PANEL for quick-selecting, a RANDOM MAP ROLL TABLE and 12 Smaller Boat Tokens laden with treasure or cargo for adding even more depth to quests, smuggling, escapes, mutiny and cast adrift scenarios for instance. It also includes a convenient NPC 'Boat Template' that you can modify and import into the Combat Tracker interaction and boat damage/attacks as well as change the token as needed.

More FG Meander Map Packs to come - These packs are in the process of being submitted to Smiteworks for the Fantasy Grounds Store and Steam.

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