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The Idlewilds - Coming Soon

The Fifth Installment in the Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack offers a huge varied expansion 30 Map set to the existing four sets as well as all-new terrain and convenient tactical and story-based features.

From opening up the Sea with an Ocean Map and allowing DM's to edge five core terrain types with Ocean, players are now less land-locked. Shipwreck them on a Reef, float them in the High Wave Swell and join to (or depart from) a wide variety of new terrain types including Arctic Tundra, Marsh, Savannah, Alpine Mountains and Grassplains. Have them delve into all-new Jungle Ruins or inspect an Archaeological Dig Site, Visit a Hobbit Hillside or Journey to a Valley of Giant Crystals. Emphasis has been placed on providing tons of interesting entrances/exits into and out of maps and transition deeper with a selection of Temples, Caves, and Castle Exteriors AND then maps to go with their interiors such as a Crypt, Mine or Castle Courtyard.. Let the roads and rivers of previous sets combine with these new meanders to lead your adventurers to exciting new destinations pre-sized and displayed for optimal selection with the now standard addition of roll tables and adventure seeds.

Carefully selected to maximise utility with existing combinations, enhance and deepen your visual continuity and offer a huge range of new tactical scenarios and encounters - The Idlewilds will be coming soon.

And be sure to check out the 120+ New M4 Meanders now uploaded to the GTW Store and take advantage of the current sale on selected bundle packs til Dec 1st.

Shipstarter Maps are planned to be added by close of November at the latest in tabletop and VTT formats. Bundle Packs of the previous M3 and M4 are likely to be added after Xmas.

Kind Regards,


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