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Squareware Relaunch: Live

Hello Folks - I'm back on Kickstarter, this time seeking funding to extend work on an electronic version of a very special dice kit I have developed within VTT Software and having secured a licensed deal with Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds LLC whom rarely grant permission for Kickstarters I'm excited about this wonderful opportunity to try and push their software and my imagination to the limits. The project is based on a dicekit I built that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mats and Dice to give you millions of instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - helps the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue; minimizing the need for manuals; freeing up space behind the DM screen; allowing you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds; and making it easy on your shoulders, bag or pocket to carry. Essentially designed to help me improve my story-telling ability both actively and passively and to make creative connections to put together random quests and source information at virtual light-speed. Squareware offers solutions to a range of issues DM's face every time they prep for game and run it.

You can check out the Campaign here: CLICK HERE FOR THE SQUAREWARE RELAUNCH

Thanks for your support :)

Please share with any Fantasy Grounds users you know.

Shipstarter (larger files) will slowly be making their way onto the GTW Store with two large maps already added in zipped folders with these giant 16200x10800px map versions with no grid, hex, 1in sq and a VTT size - including the custom ships I did for spelljammer campaigns...

2019 Is going to be a very busy year...

Kind Regards,


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