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GTW/Smiteworks Kickstarter

Hello :) So lots of new developments for me and GTW. first let me just drop some juicy new art from the Shipstarter coming to the store in Oct-Nov.

These gigantic ships will be available as full-size downloads or packed into an FG module optimized for VTT.

Secondly, my newest FG Meanders module is out on Fantasy Grounds, Steam and here on GTW: Sammerket Sands:

And finally and definitely most exciting of all is that GTW has brokered permission with Doug Davison of Smiteworks to Kickstart an official series of special 5e-based One-Shot Modules, 3 of which I have written, made maps for, and playtested live with 5-6 players each - in sessions lasting approx 7 hours - in the Fantasy Grounds College. This will see my RPG world of Geas brought to life not as a board-game but a 5e compatible, fully-coded electronic module set portable into FG for instant VTT playability - with of course, a GTW twist. I will be joined by FG coder Rob2e/Rob Twohy providing necessary code to automate effects and spells, items and abilities and possibly another superstar of RPG. More news as this unfolds with a Kickstarter to hopefully take place in October.

Kind Regards,


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