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Shipstarter Progress / New FG Module

Well - guys - I was only supposed to create ONE 4-Deck Pirate Galleon and actually ended up creating two full different Pirate Galleon ships with 4 layers each for Shipstarter. This is what happens when you give me money and get me mapping. Clearly I can't help myself. At any rate - they are complete, and I am moving onto the Ghost Ship - then I will add grids and make them available to backers while I start work on the rest of the designs. The best part - you can now build your own ship by deciding which decks to use.

And - I am excited to announce that the next module coded for Fantasy Grounds - Sammerket Sands is just days away from being submitted to Smiteworks. This pack features 30 of my maps + a random roll + a random table of adventure seeds to get DM's started. More tables, more scope, more maps and yep - still $9.95. Thanks for your support guys!

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