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GTW Site: Now Upgraded

Renovations are coming to a close - thank you for your patience. With the help of my partner Alice we have added over 500+ previously unprocessed Meanders to the GTW Store inc. More than 30 New Roll 20 Map and Token Products, the Dwarven Citadel, Dunwich Lovecraft, Christmas, Wildershire, Draconis Ocularis (Tarot Set), Blank Mansion, Shipstarter Ships, Cutmere Shard (New Ice Maps), New Beach, Magical, Victorian Mansion Blanks, Digital Spaceship Skin Packs 1-3 and Modern Tsunami Meanders + Modern, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Dwarven, Lovecraftian and Sci-fi Token Sets.

Categories have had new terms added to further narrow down searches, and some products such as Modern/Post-Apocalyptic have their own page so they no longer appear together.

Previously Unreleased Meanders such as 'Lovecraftian Hills', Iron and Blood/ Fire and Gold Ships, Cutmere Shard are now available individually too.

GTW is currently re-organizing its hard-drives to make token and texture searches possible having had no time in the last five years to stop and recover from the crash that wiped all filenames. This is expected to finish on March 1st after which Everything will finally be in place with no outlying tasks requiring attention to allow me to create with no restrictions and at least double-speed.

Thank you very much for your custom with GTW, it has taken years for some of these products to be added to the store but thanks to my partners efforts I no longer have to try and be in two or three places at once and the vast range is now entirely archived on Game Tile Warehouse.

The next set to make it to the store will be the Wild West Meanders - adding 150 new maps to the series in several months time. Once I reach 75% I will consider launching my a Mini-Meander Campaign featuring 24 new designs.

Kind Regards,


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