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GTW in 2022

Welcome to 2022 and another year of GTW Meander Expansions.

As you may remember, the Meanders 5: Orc campaign funded late 2021 and I have been working on a huge range of orcish settlement and war maps – as well as new terrain expansions for Forest, Snow, Desert and Jungle. I have also been designing new permafrost, wasteland, tundra, arctic, mountain and swamp maps to offer new layouts to your collections. I hope to add new terrain expansion packs in the not too, distant future.

Some of the glaring omissions from the Meanders terrain range are Volcanic and Wasteland themed sets, an issue I hope to address with an upcoming HELLSCAPE Meanders Kickstarter. Gothic City Part 2 is also scheduled for this year as well as an expansion to the Modern City Series and others that I will announce as things develop.

2022 marks my sixth year making Meanders with the new Orcish set taking the total maps in the series over 2100. Meanders continues to prove very popular among the world’s best tabletop providers So, thank you very much for your continued support, I aim to reach the 3000 map mark by the end of this year.

Kind Regards,


56 Orcish-themed Maps featuring villages, fortifications, towers, tents, huts and camps across a broad variety of terrain expansions. The blank variants will form the basis for all-new terrain expansions for MEREDARK JUNGLE, VENMIRE WOODS, SAMMERKET SANDS and CUTMERE SHARD with two new IDLEWILDS Expansions scheduled for release in February. (Work in Progress).

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