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GTW Search Bar Added

Hello Everyone :) I've added a long overdue Search Function to the GTW Site. This should help to isolate particular meanders by name number or type more quickly allowing you to get back to a specific product with greater ease. It's quite powerful and can find keywords in a variety of methods as you can see here typing in Forest 34 found the correct map immediately. When you click the search function to begin with it will open a new section/page on the site to display resultsin a condensed format - you can then expand the results found or click one of the four filter headings to specify.

I've put the Search under the Cart so it helps with shopping and added micro-buttons to take you to the FG or R20 shop sections. Note that you can click on the GTW Site Banner to take you HOME as well.

I've been asked about adding a wishlist - but this is not a function Wix supports, at least not easily. I will be looking into it but it seems difficult without some background in coding to implement. I hope in the meantime this new feature improves and enhances your shopping experience - and thank you all for your support and your Patience using the site without the search function!

Kind Regards,


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