Soloman Temple Squares

Hello Everyone :) 'Soloman Temple Squares' - recently Kickstarted, aims to be the largest modular dungeon tile system ever created for RPG and has just been released on GTW starting with 75 of 320 sets.

With over 320 sets comprising more than 46,000 individual tiles - S.T.S offers unprecedented range for foundational dungeon building. Each tile measures 8x8 squares/units and Each set, contains 144 different designs. Each zipped file contains a link. The link takes you to a folder where you will find three sub-folders with the square set in 800x800 (72dpi), 1120x1120 (72dpi) and 2400x2400 (300dpi).

You can view the full set list and tile design types here via the Greater and Lesser Keys of Soloman: