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GTW's General News

Hello Everyone - some quick updates on the goings on of GTW.

Shipstarter has almost been completely fulfilled with just 2 ships and 9 helm graphics left to go. This experimental campaign really pushed my limits and boundaries outward requiring me to learn a lot of new styles and skills to create. Considering I knew next to nothing about ships when I began it's really satisfying to have now created over 20 new Maps, inc. Giant Kraken, Pirate Cove, Underwater and Ghost and other environmentally difficult depictions including 2 decks of a Steampunk Ship. Massive thanks to all my backers for that project which I think has really helped my abilities as an artist evolve and it is a very exciting and fun project to be doing. I hope to have Ships into the store and into FG Packs by December 2018 or Jan 2019.

Meanders 4: A New Wave of Fantasy Continuing to climb toward that goal of 1000 Meanders by 2020, the latest wave of Meanders 4 was successful and saw another 100 Maps added to the collection bringing the total of Meanders to just under 600 and a good step over halfway. Huge thanks to all my backers for supporting that project too for which all 80 core maps have been completed and are being processed - with just 20 maps left to go and three weeks to do them it looks like I will be completely done with both projects by Mid-November.

GEAS: Broken Gods As agreed prior to taking them to a Kickstarter, 50% of my official Fantasy Grounds 5e-based (a modified version of 5e called 5e't' with extra mechanics) modules have been sent to Smiteworks to indicate good faith and show my capacity to complete the project. Its possible that these will be reviewed soon with time for a Nov 2018 Kickstarter where I will hopefully be able to raise funds to pay for my Coder @Robtwohy, Token Licencing @DevinNight and Smiteworks Royalty per module - and share 5 new modules that I have written, tabled, illustrated and mapped to unfold huge new adventures that can be played in any order or chained into a larger campaign for lvls 1, and/or lvls 3-5. If not November - then I will aim for an early January project. But its a very exciting prospect to be on the verge of releasing my gigantic RPG world in such a convenient format - with a PDF and map-pack option only to be available as well. With my skills as a mapper growing with every project I have created some really exciting new vistas in which my world is set - using all-new, and modded meanders as a base.

Site Maintenance in November With over 560 meanders to be available before the end of the year I have set aside a time to overhaul the GTW Shop section and re-organize the settings, categories and pages. WIX only allows me to have 25 categories on a single page, which I thought would be plenty, but now that I have so many different types of Meanders it has become harder to find specific maps on my site and that is something I aim to fix. It should only take me 24 hours to make the changes and add 100 new Meanders to the store as well. I will give notification in the form of a banner when I know the date or am undertaking maintenance on the site.

Meanders 4: What's in Store? I hope to take a long and well-earned rest for at least a month if the Smiteworks Kickstarter doesn't go ahead in Mid-November and recuperate and rest my poor wrists. But eitherway - 2019 will see a set of Modern Meanders released first off the rank, then Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie, A Fantasy City/Buildings Meanders, Superhero and then if I make it this far - we will see - but there are hundreds of maps on my list I would like to do.

Squareware: Still waiting on a reply from Smiteworks on the fate of this project - but they may be too involved in developing their Unity-based version of Fantasy Grounds to pull resources away to make changes to the program to accomodate Squareware fully within their Operating System. Nonetheless, I have not given up hope for this set and am likely to develop it into an FG Module if nothing else.

Loving and eternal thanks to my very patient and supportive partner Rhona, who has endured the late nights turning into late days and into long nights again while I work. I love you my darling wife, thank you for everything xxxooo

And to my Mother and Brother - and everyone who has kept me going, been so supportive, embraced my work, inspired my work and been an important part of allowing me to keep living this wyrd dream as a digital cartographer - and hopefully soon, new rpg world introducer - Thank You. I will keep making them as long as you keep wanting them and continue developing tools and tiles to aid DM's and players alike.

And finally - I like Halloween - you can get %25 off your order when you spend $10 or more. A great opportunity to stock up on my larger maps packs or fill your trolley with 4x as many maps - until Nov 1st. just use the code 'GTWEEN' at the checkout.

Kind Regards,


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