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Meanders 3: DD&D Funded

Thank you All very much for yet another successful map campaign and for your continued support growing the Meanderverse!! As always I will be working hard to ensure an on time or even early delivery by April. M3: DD&D saw more than 80+ new maps realized including the Mega-Meander Dwarven City and the Mega-Meander Demonic Prison Arena.

Your help has also ensured I will be back mid-year with another round of maps: "M3: Magic, Murder and Mayhem" featuring huge expansions for the Castle such as Battlements, Siege Engine Warfare, Pre and Post Battlefield, Necromancers Forest and Mausoleum Lair, Elemental Planes, Cult Headquarters, Plague Village, City Slums (Expansions for the Medieval Town) Portals, a Huge 8-Story Wizards Tower and much more. I will also make the Dungeon PNG's and have them as an add-on.

If everything goes to plan as I finalize the remaining art to send out: the new maps will be released on the GTW digital store in Early May 2018.

Kind Regards,


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