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New Products Added

Introducing new digital product lines: DUNGEON LEVELS, DUNGEON BYTZ, I-MAPS and SOLOMAN TEMPLE SQUARES.

Hi guys - the board designs I made and released from my Dungeon Roomz Kickstarter for SuperHeroquest are now up on the Gametilewarehouse store as digital DUNGEON LEVELS for $5 USD a pack. Mega-Sewer and Mega-Dungeon sets are both available. Each set measures a total of 54x36" so it's approx four times the amount of room for your HQ games. Fully compatible with all Meanders and all other GTW Products. Hope you like and enjoy :)

Create your own gigantic ancient world maps with my new grab and dab digital I-MAP packs. In full-colour and papyrus variants. Includes 60 vectors to craft your world. Or - grab my fully complete version. Just $5 USD a set.

Try your hand at creating your own room-based maps with my new digital DUNGEON BYTZ. Play with an assortment of vectors to dab and grab your own scenarios. Each pack includes over 21 vectors and a bonus themed Template. $5 a pack.

Map your Dungeons from the foundations up with my digital SOLOMAN TEMPLE SQUARES dungeon-themed 8x8 templates to put together your own dungeon-based adventures. 72 per pack. Just $3 a pack.

Combine them all to craft your world on every level.

Meanders 3 is currently in development: but new additions/expansions to these ranges will follow soon.

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