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Dungeon Bytz a Success!

Massive thanks to my 40 Backers of the Digital Dungeon Bytz Campaign! The campaign was successful and is now closed. Bytz will be delivered on approximately the 29th Jan 2018. Check the Kickstarter for any updates. A very nice start to the year right near by birthday that buys me extra time to work on new art and other projects. THANK YOU!

This is now my tenth successful Kickstarter and I am very appreciative for your support. Funding this project has enabled me to pay a manufacturer for a special prototype die set that I have been developing which is designed to lessen the fatigue on the eyes, hands and mind of the Dungeon Master, go some way to eliminating the need for carrying or using heavy manuals, drastically free up the space behind the DM's screen and allow millions of combinations for creative dungeoneering. I have partnered with a reputable die maker to attempt to put my idea into a physical format and I hope to reveal and bring this secret die set to Kickstarter some time this year. This is just one of the developments I am using funds raised for - I genuinely believe in the concept and that it could benefit the gaming community resulting in longer gaming with less equipment. This will be an exciting new step toward making some of my ideas a reality and getting my toe wet in the waters of international manufacturing and shipping.

Kind Regards,


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