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Meanders 2 : Update

Hello :) I am working on over 100+ new designs and some super special surprises for the next installment of Meanders. This time around, all of the core art and new terrain sets will be available as add-ons from launch - so you are guaranteed of getting any of the terrain or features listed from the get-go. You'll be able to expand and modify your Meander 1 Maps horizontally with roads/rivers, blenders, edges and expansions - and vertically with underground dungeons/caverns, building interiors, and above ground tiers. Stretch Goals will be made up of gigantic new 50x50" VTT Ready maps with some pretty outrageous concepts and special extra sets with 6 themed maps in each one as added bonuses if we reach certain figures.

I've set it up so that maximum customization of your rewards is available and you can choose what to add from dozens of add-ons each priced at $10. Whether you want to have interiors added or get hold of a 9 piece Zombie Apocalypse set of maps - it will cost the same.

This is going to be an extremely ambitious project with nearly three times as much terrain offered as was in Meanders 1 but I have already completed 38 highly-detailed designs and counting. I hope to see you there :)

Kind Regards,

Kris from GTW

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