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Urban City Rooftops Funded (137%)

After a Successful Campaign - the Urban Rooftop City Set of 27x18" Boards and Matt Add-ons was made possible by the following people to whom Game Tile Warehouse is indebted: Daniel. W. Sharp - David Maciaszek - Brad "Spectral Locomotive" - Richard Speyer - Peter. A. Campbell - Elvin Paul Chan - Steve Gaudreau - Tim Fiester - Mmacgregor - David Fergman - Chris Weigt - The Master of Fright - Tony Petterson - Dave Repp.

Your funding will allow me to expand on this base set and produce new city boards, explore new eras inc sci-fi, add new building expansions and dream up new modifications to enhance your existing set.

Thanks for all of your support!

Kind Regards,

Kris McDermott

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