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Rooftop Set Kickstarter

Recently I announced my intention to create a quaility set of rooftop themed tiles with reversible Day & Night scenes. I am now attempting to kickstart a fund to see this project through to completion via a highly-detailed 33 (or 66) set of mats/boards with decorative roof-themed tokens and as I write this 13% of my campaign has been funded.

GTW now has the ability to produce a larger variety of room and board tiles and is taking ful advantage of this to help create a huge streetscape with roofs above, alleys below for chase scenes, thieves guilds, rogues pathways, assassin and stealth missions and more. While we have only completed 9* of the 33 planned artworks you can get a sense of the respective interplay of the boards different sizes through this mock-up night-time city scape below. At present I have not yet completed the alleyways/streets that will join the buildings together, nor added the atmospheric trash, scum, puddles of filth, beggars hovels, barrels and crates, stairs, vendors that will line the streets - and the intention is to create ladder/plank tokens to join neighbouring rooftops, providing escapes and paths.

*Buildings thus far created: Dock Warehouse, Streetscape with Alleyway, Brothel, Centralized Garden, (2) types of houses with small backyards, (1) type of house with simple roof. All of these are depicted in both day and night scenes. I am presently creating a larger area where ambushes can take place under the eaves of old manor housing...

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