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Update: 1.25" Terrain Tiles Released!

GTW is pleased to introduce a new and larger range of Terrain Tiles measuring 1.25 x 1.25" (31mm x 31mm). These tiles can be centralized within a 4 square block or neatly take up 9 existing HQ squares as shown in the images below. These tiles will neatly fit the Project Chthonic board.

Our terrain tiles are broken into two piece types, Interlocking and Free. Interlocking tiles use four tiles to make a larger terrain type, whilst the free tiles feature their own individual terrain type.

Our WET & COLD terrain set features 76 tiles of icy, watery terrains including moss, quicksand, slime and sulphur pool terrain.

Our DRY & HOT terrain set features 76 tiles of fiery, heated and molten liquid terrains including acid pools, hot springs, boiling mud, green flame, and drought terrain.

Additionally we have another exciting textured set in production with many more to be announced ... more soon.

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