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Super Market Tilepack Complete

We've worked hard to expand our original marketplace set with a variety of new and exciting, relevent and detailed tiles. Each tile has been lovingly crafted and chosen to complete a comprehensive selection of stalls, shops and merchants to set up a fully fledged marketplace in a variety of locations, including a meadow, by the riverside, or to represent empty stalls at dawn or covered stalls in the gloom of rain. Did your adventurers make it on time, or are they too early/late?

This tilepack includes Barrels of Food/Grains, a Fortune Tellers Tent, Assorted Riverside Fishmongers, 18 new Wooden Speciality Stalls, Assorted Wares Laid out on Carpets and Hessian, Top-down Tent Stalls, Crates of Books, Watermelon, Dragon Eggs and more.

Many of the tiles are reversible and allow you to set up (or add to) a beautiful and near-instant market styled ambience and atmosphere or choose how best to represent the features of your gaming world.

View it HERE

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