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Spacebase Tiles: Alien Saloon

Welcome to the GTW Alien Space Saloon, the nastiest scum den this side of the galaxy. Watch where you're going friend, its crowded, smelly, narrow and dangerous - and my friend doesn't like you. Let your charactesr do some shady deals with the motley crue of thieves and space pirates, watch the local band on stage, or explore one of the many alcoves funding us will get you. This map measures 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) - with infinite room for expansion with any space type tile you desire - from interiors of ships, surfaces of other planets, galactic scrapyards or lofty metal gantries... we can do it all. Don't like the floor? Slip us a few bucks to change it and print you a new one. Want it finished with a drink machine, trinkets on the wall, logos and overlay grid removed - then please support us so we can keep making not just the tiles you need but the tiles you want.

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