GTW quits Dragon Thrones Project

Following irreconcilable differences, GTW has withdrawn from its commission for the Dragon Thrones LARP Map. Regrettably an amicable solution could not be reached and for the first time as an artist I quit a commission and served an IP Injunction. The map core design has been stripped of former client assets, modified and will be re-purposed and make its way into the GTW Shop to try and recoup lost earnings from the dropped commission so keep an eye out for it in coming weeks. On the more positive side, yet another massive turn-out of support from new and regular backers has ensured the extension of the Meanders Synchable Terrain range with over 100 new Sci-fi map designs being funded. A hug

Meanders: The Next Frontier

The next Wave of Meanders; with over 100+ Sci-fi themed maps has been confirmed and will launch in a few days time on the 21st May. Click on the image below to preview the campaign.

Fantasy Meanders 95% Complete

Hi guys - well it's almost all wrapped up now with 95% of rewards delivered and just some PDF conversions (underway) and some special conan grids to go. Over 100+ new designs were created this time around and I hope you enjoyed the campaign, liked the maps produced and will consider backing me again in future projects. As I go forward I hope to continually improve my skills, learn more about how to achieve different effects and hone my art and will be seeking funding for new computer upgrade to make even bigger, better maps and eventually break into the 3d side of things as well. Before I take Meanders to the public via Game Tile Warehouse, I wanted to have some backers spend time with the d

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