The GTW Digital Coin Forge

Hi guys :) Here's a sneak peek at the newest upcoming Kickstarter from GTW I'll be running over Christmas. This time I'm trying to fund a digital coin forge so people can easily design and print their own custom coins from home with thousands of coin possibilities and options available - and hopefully fund printed sets with up to 1200 professionally printed cardboard coins in them. Visit the Digital Coin Forge Campaign Kind Regards, Kris

Meanders: smashes previous records

MEANDERS funded at 190% with 93 backers, eclipsing my previous record of 38 for a campaign. With over 40 Designs available with a simple $25 AUD pledge, it's not too late to get yourself a ton of quality terrain including Cthulhu and Wild West Meanders unlocked toward the end and with your pledge - possibly even more. For the next two weeks, I am running a Meander Paypal Pledge for those who didn't have a credit card or couldn't make the campaign in time. PAYPAL PLEDGER [Here] Any funds accrued through this pledger will go toward the total for stretch goals we may have missed so there is a possibility of ending up with extra designs by the time your rewards are ready. Only the three most pop

Meanders: 3 Days to Go

3 days to go in the Meanders campaign. Still time to get yourself a massive new digital interchangeable terrain set featuring 36 gigantic 27x18" beautiful designs before the Meanders campaign ends Nov 9. Get all 36 designs + stretch goals for an insane $25. Choice of grids. Printed options available. Spend $45 or more and also get my illustrated guide to using GIMP to create your own terrain. I'll show you step-by-step and teach you all the tricks, techniques and tools I use to create stunning scenery. Check out Meanders on Kickstarter before Nov 9. Don't have a Credit Card? Don't worry! You can paypal your pledge amount to - Please be sure to check & include s

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