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Snazz up your Tavern, Inn or Den of Iniquity with this special combo set of Gambling Tools and Tarot Cards. Featuring unique interactive games or instant outcome roller, visual graphics, handy tables for winnings/losses, gameplay summary, and the opportunity to completely wreck the bar. Introducing the unique 32 card (+1 rear) 'Draconis Ocularis' Tarot Set and the Modified 52 (+1 rear) Card Deck with new heraldic pips to give your games both that fantasy and that familiar feel. Supplied in full as images and tokens. Designed for DnD5e but generic enough to fit any RPG.


  • - 32 tarot cards with meanings and images, including a digital cloth on which you can do larger spreads with instructions on a basic spread.

  • - The Dyn Cartwheel Dartboard and Player/Scoring token markers + Object Guide

  • - 52 playing cards with substitute Snake, Lion, Unicorn and Gryphon pips.

  • - Nine individual and unique games that can be played in real-time or simulated with 32 possible outcomes, extra results that lead to skill rolls or fights.

  • - A DC decider and a Template that generates a variety of outcomes in text boxes that can be dragged to chat

  • - A range of low to very high coin amounts used to simulate winnings or losses.

  • - The power to control the length and complexity of games and choose instant results, DC roll that might modify instant results or all the equipment needed to play any of the nine games in real-time.

  • - Full 52 Card Token Deck, Full 32 Tarot Card Token Deck

Usage: Download the file. Make a copy of the file and unzip it in a new folder to get your token packs. Make separate folders inside the 'GM' section of your tokens for each token set. Drag the token packs into those folders.  Change the original .zip file to .mod and import the .mod file into Fantasy Grounds by dragging it into the module folder window. Reload Fantasy Grounds and select the module from the Library to load it. - or Check the GTW Fantasy Grounds store section for detailed illustrated instructions on installing this product.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.


Den of Iniquity for Fantasy Grounds

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