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This FG Meanders Token Pack features over 200 pre-sized tokens in a convenient module with a wide range of assets to suit fantasy games and in particular the Meanders Map series - allowing those who use them art assets that match.


This set is designed as a starter set of much-needed RPG icons, labels and symbols for use within Fantasy Grounds adventures.


  • Assorted shapes such as Diamonds, Stars, Circles, Triangles in a wide range of colours

  • Tickmarks

  • Height and Depth Markers from 5ft-100ft marked in colour

  • Compass Roses

  • Assorted Skull and Crossbones, Handprints, Arrows

  • A Range of transparent coloured Light Sources

  • Trap, Trap Disarm Tokens

  • Griffon/Shield markers for armies.

  • Target markers in red and yellow and transparent

  • Zzz markers for Gas, magic and normal sleep indication.

  • Treasure Chest, X and First Aid icons.

  • Danger Markers

  • A Range of colour-coded Action Labels such as Safe, Dangerous, Collapsing, Hiding, Dodging, Helping, Escaping etc.

  • A huge range of World Location Markers in Green and Yellow pointers for marking regional maps.

  • Speech bubbles and coloured tags


[Custom FG Battle Maps on which tokens are illustrated not included]


Requires:An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.




FG Meanders Fantasy Token Pack 6

SKU: FGTokenPack6
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