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MAPSLAP is an innovative toolset that compliments the existing drawing tools in FG and allows you to slap together detailed WORLD - AND - CITY maps literally in a few minutes. Not only can you build both types of map with a dedicated drag and drop token set - you can label world and city features with a generous label set or even Custom Design your own wording using the Alphabet Tokens and Blank Labels (Or Zoom in and try your hand with the FG Drawing Pencil). Craft quick maps as you need them - Build, Name and Play* on your Creations.


*Play Requires the FG 3-Layer Extension by Trenloe - or you can Screenshot a finished Map, and Re-Import it to FG as a Flat JPEG to avoid World/City tokens being stacked/moved.



  • Demonstration Video
  • 3 Parchments
  • 35 Top-Down City Icons
  • 80 Preset Labels for City Buildings and Areas
  • 4 Custom Scrolls (Large and Small / Dark and Light)
  • 2 Road Sign Arrows (One Facing Left / One Facing Right)
  • 1 Wooden Sign Board * 36 Custom Labels with Room for Text
  • 26 Black Letters and Numbers 0-9
  • 26 White Letters and Numbers 0-9
  • 84 World Feature Icons
  • 36 World Location Labels


Requires:An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.

Usage: Download the file. Make a copy of the file and unzip it in a new folder to get your token packs. Make separate folders inside the 'GM' section of your tokens for each token set. Drag the token packs into those folders.  Change the original .zip file to .mod and import the .mod file into Fantasy Grounds by dragging it into the module folder window. Reload Fantasy Grounds and select the module from the Library to load it. - or Check the GTW Fantasy Grounds store section for detailed illustrated instructions on installing this product.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.


MapSlap for Fantasy Grounds

SKU: Mapslap
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