Jul 29, 2017



Like Heroquest on steroids - GEAS is a huge new Dungeon World Crawler in development and its hoped to release a playable demo for the boardgame by early next year. These early shots mark a revisiting of the entire board layout and artwork for the game. You can follow along as this monster is assembled, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1625758761048662/







Jan 28, 2018

Since I posted 6 months ago, GEAS has taken on more defined shape with an almost 220 page corebook draft now written to aid in further development and cohesion. the core system, which is a new system I have worked on for GEAS, has its foundation set and I am in the process of completing the corebook and creating a prototype for play-testing: with hopes to release a free demo to the public sometime this year once I have tested and tightened everything up. Its a monumental undertaking but I am making firm inroads inc. developing some art for the game. The second half of the year will see the tiles and board given full attention while feedback is gathered from the public.


Jan 30, 2018


Samples of early board designs (now heavily modified) but these four boards fit together to create the Heroquest board shape.

Foldable... Folds up into a 9x9x2" compact box.


Wet/Dry Erasable and 3mm thick.

The New Design will feature a far more advanced dungeon template in layout, function and design and the artwork for it is in development.



New Posts
  • As a lifelong gamer, I tend to think alot about the tools I use and dream up ways to improve them. Although little can be said of upcoming innovations underway or in development until they are further along - I have been working on a new set of compact tools that will allow millions of story-lines/basic RPG staples to be invented and chained together quickly - greatly lessening overall fatigue on the DM's hands, eyes and brain. With luck this will be on Kickstarter by Jan 2018. It will involve moving to a larger bulk manufacturing model and new risks and business decisions - but if it works, may be a very welcome addition. I have also begun to look toward 3d printing, with the funding from the last KS going toward a new prusa 3d printer and 3d software programs to begin making a new range of miniatures in 2018, as well as an entirely new conceptual miniature range that is not currently available. Eventually I hope to begin creating 3d printable files that co-incide with Meanders and to produce all manner of things that are still not out on the market. Having a 3d printer will greatly explode the capability for creative ideas and execution, so it will be the next goalpost for me to buy, learn and include 3d forms in the GTW collection. And in the coming years, produce my own range of unique board games.