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Well I guess if yer asked me I'd have to say moving West was more of a calling than a plan. Always figured myself a mid-western type anyways. It's a few days ride to Ironbark and it's larger than the brochures give it credit fer. I was plum-struck at the sheer number of amenities, that sir is a thriving town. Wealthy on account of the iron horses, sorry, locomotives bringing the oil and coal from the east, not to speak of the gold strike, abundance of poker houses or the sly boot liquor Ol' Sal is running out of his basement. I oughta know, being as I'm the Sherriff and all. Got my shiny tin star after the last one was sent to boot hill under the clock tower in a shootout with the Gallagher Brothers. I turn a blind eye to the comfort houses and poker tables some o' the time, it's not easy protectin' all these fine folks and their livelihoods from varmints and ne-er do well's. A Sherriff's gotta mind the peace as best he can. The prison house is full o' thieves, I'll tell you that much. But it's safe enough with me and my trusted Deputy Dwight around, you feel at home to take a stroll and explore Ironbark at yer leisure. Take in the saloons, visit the blacksmith if you need reshoeing or Big Bucks if you need more trust iron or a rifle. Gonna do some huntin'? Rick on main'll have what yer need. Stop by at sunset and have a drink on the porch wi'me afore you leave on one 'o them fancy trains, and I'll tell you some consarned stories you won't believe. Where ya'll headed anyways? It's a purty sight this land, but not for the weak of heart. You seeking your fortune in those thar hills, if so getch yerself one o' them permits for mining or you'll be for it. Wait. You ain't foolhardy enough to head out to the gulch seeking a bounty on one 'o them gangs I hope? They're holed up in those canyons real cozy like, tucked away in their hideouts they'll sure as pete see you coming. Well, you go your own way son, by horseback or train, it don't matter none. Just mind you don't end up in the cemetery behind me. Like your pappy did. God rest his soul.


117 Graphics for your RPG [Made with Midjourney AI]


Prefilled Wanted Posters if you're in a hurry & Blank Wanted Posters to add your own bounties if you're not.

Western Immersion Kitset

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