"In the long shadow of the Castle, where dirt roads lead to quiet Hamlets bedevilled by bandits from the mountain tracks - and worse besides - lies the area known as Venmire Woods: a verdant lowlands where a few scratch a living on the edge of the dense forest. Yet something is stirring to the North, a large wall manned by soldiers with grim faces has appeared, the river bridge blockaded and free passage restricted. The few voices at the inn speak of strange lights appearing within the Temple - no - the 'Other' Temple, the one reclaimed by the forest and best forgotten, has been showing signs of life - and death. Who is the new occupant on the hill and why are the locals suddenly afraid to leave their homes? Does the mysterious sect worshipping the ring of stones have anything to do with what is happening and are reports of missing livestock exaggerated or a sign of things to come? What is happening in Venmire Woods?"


Venmire Woods is an Offical Module for Fantasy Grounds and contains 22 optimum-sized Meanders maps at 1350x900px that you can use to tell countless stories like the one above. The maps are designed to perfectly fit a 50px or 60px grid that you can manually place over the top of the map using Fantasy Grounds options. They are  each under 600 kb to help prevent slow-down during play and packed into a ready-to-load Fantasy Grounds Module.  Meanders maps have a built-in repeating entrance/exit point so whether you put another map on the left, right, above or below, of itself or a different Meander - the pathways will line up allowing continuous sprawling landscapes and terrains for your adventurers to explore.


Users can opt to load/lay the maps manually and build a custom layout - or use a combination of Time-lapse, Role-play and/or the supplied Random Map Roll Table to determine when maps are used and where adventurers end up next. Maps are coded for easy reference and descriptions appear beside them to help navigate to the terrain you need.  This set also contains a Map Selection Panel: a convenient visual display of all the maps pinned with a link (shown as a red pin) that you can simply click to bring up and includes Hot Tips to help use the maps. it also includes a table with 21 ADVENTURE SEEDS you can use to set the tone for Venmire and get your adventures started


This product includes:


  • 13 Forest maps
  • 2 Stone Castle maps
  • 2 Temple maps
  • Treetops map
  • Village map
  • Inn map
  • 2 Blend maps
  • Map selection image


Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.


Usage: Just unzip the file and import the .mod file into your Fantasy Ground module folder by dragging it into the module folder window and Fantasy Grounds will automatically load it.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.5 and higher.


Venmire Woods: Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack

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