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Description: Underdark Terrain for Endless Layouts.

Features: Presenting The Dark-Lights: the carefully guarded Crystal Portal features a direct conduit between the dimension of the Underdark and the ancient realm from whence the Mind Flayer's originate, travelling from world to world taking on myriad forms and profiles from gigantic tentacled squid to humanoid octopoids, their ultimate shape influenced by the protective fabrics woven by the Gods inherent in some of the worlds they travel to using their Nyblach, circular rents in space, extremely well protected from the profane that allow one-way travel, but two-way observation and communication. Other regions of the Underdark feature Illumarachnids, dangerous spiders invisible to the eye except when startled when they let off a violent single glow leaving an afterimage burned into the vision of predators, confusing the spiders location while they prepare to swarm. And slime caverns, one of which features a new species of Ooze - and if you look carefully an open slimefall actually pierces the Crystalline walls that form the Underdark and break through to the completely unknown and unexplored 'Gleamcore' - glimpsed only through cracks in the impregnable walls, the source of the strange green-blue lights that pierce the veil of darkness and offer tiny pockets of respite from the sullen total gloom remains unknown but is a shared feature described in legends by the very few who have returned from the Underdark.

Includes: Re-mastered Synchable Digital Map designed to join with other Meanders. Standard 5 File Zip JPEG Bundle supplied with Hex, 1" Square & No Grid + Multi-size VTT-Ready Maps for 100 and 50 ppg.

Underdark 02

SKU: Underdark02
$1.00 Regular Price
$0.50Sale Price

    5 Standard Hi-Resolution JPEG Maps supplied: 

    • (HX) = Large 8100 x 5400 px with Interlocking Hex Grid
    • (L#) = Large 8100x5400 px with 1" Sq Grid 
    • (L) = Large 8100x5400 px with No Grid
    • (M) = Medium 2700x1800 px (100 px per grid) for VTT
    • (S) = Small 1350x900 px (50 px per grid) for VTT


    Approximate Zipped File Size: (40MB)


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