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Yaar! The Pirate Immersion Kit offers a rich selection of pirate-themed graphics for your next high seas adventure. Set the scene with beautiful images of pirate dock cities and their streets and taverns, or jump to one of the many hideout cities or shipwrecks. Chart a course with one of the compasses, and follow the map to seek your fortune. Will your crew be stalled by the storm and lost at sea? Washed ashore and forced to enter a savage jungle, perhaps to stumble upon the temple in its depths? Or taken prisoner by the Governor and forced to make a daring escape? Make enough trouble and you'll get a bounty and your handsome mug on a wanted poster, or create rivalries with the many other pirate captains distinguished by their unique flags and rings. Will you find lost relics in one of the smugglers coves, under the sea or in the dusty cobwebbed ruins of an abandoned pirate hideout?


129 JPG Graphics [Made with Midjourney AI]


The Pirate Immersion Kitset

SKU: Immersion Pirate
$8.99 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
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