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The Monster Lair Immersion Kit brings you a varied assortment of dozens of exotic monster lair graphics to set the scene for your adventurers. Start off in the local tavern and spy a heroes wanted poster. Look for telltale signs of shuttered and abandoned houses, lonely mills missing their farmers and picket boards warning the unwary that something wicked lies ahead. Perhaps witness the carnage first-hand as you pass a broken carriage on the lonely rural road. Join the enraged mob or rely on your party as you make your way into sinister (and beautiful) monster environments to slay many a monster and claim their gold hoard for yourself.


92 Monster Lair Themed JPG Graphics [Made with Midjourney AI]

The Monster Lair Immersion Kitset

SKU: Immersion MonsterLair
$8.99 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
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